Warranty terms

  • The Warranty applies at the purchase of IBOX Controller products in the original packaging from the manufacturer. 
  • Warranty period starts from the date of products purchase. The warranty period varies and is mentioned in the Warranty Certificate given at the date of acquisition.
  • The manufacturers liability to repair or to replace  the product that has a material or a production defect ends at the expiration of warranty period.
  • Warranty solving shall be made within 15 working days  from the date when the customer informed the manufacturer about the non-conformity of the product.  The standard response time form service may vary due to availability of parts from the manufacturer.
  • When you replace a product or part, the replaced item becomes you property and the returned product or part becomes the property of the Manufacturer.


garantie ibox controller


Limitations of Coverage 

This warranty Does Not Cover the damage caused by:

  • thermal, mechanical damage  caused by  fire, accidents, vibration, weather, negligence in use, improper transportation by the buyer, or any other factors, independent of the manufacturer;
  • use of products for other purposes than those provided by the class and scope for which they are designed ore otherwise than is indicated in technical specifications;
  • use of products in inappropriate conditions (e.g. inappropriate use of voltage, poor environmental conditions, action of chemicals or humidity);
  • damage from wrong installing or the use of supplies and accessories other than those manufactured or provided by Us;
  • unsealing the device, repairs made by anyone other than Us or changing the serial numbers from the Warranty Certificate.

We guarantee to our customers that during the warranty period, under normal specified conditions of product use, in case of nonconformities, they will be remedied firstly by repair or, if necessary, by replacement or refund, according to the legal regulations.