IBOX Controller

Digital cinema automation

IBOX Controller brings automation in your cinema.

icon-listcheckIBOX Controller provides automated solutions, designed and manufactured in accordance with European standards.
icon-listcheckWe are not talking specifications. Forget about bits, bytes, watts and hertz. We will help you to choose the solution that suits you best.
icon-listcheckNo more wires and bulky boxes! Enjoy our products that are easy to use and install.
icon-listcheckWe want want you to know and use every function of our products, that's why our mission is not completed until you will understand how each controller works.
icon-listcheckNo matter how long we'll work together, we will be here to help you to benefit from our products.
Net Relays png

NET Relays

This controller allows you to remotely turn ON or OFF the equipments that are connected to it. NET Relays is designed to be used exclusively in theatres. 

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I Dimming

Designed for use in cinemas, this controller offers you the possibility to adjust the density of light to the desired parameters in the cinema halls.

Coming in November


I Server

Based on the web server, this micro PC provides the interface between the user and our controllers. You have access in real time to their status and enables you to control them.

Coming in November

All our controllers are  compatible with any type of digital projectors, series 1, 2 (BARCO, CHRISTIE, SONY, NEC) and with  digital cinema servers: DOREMI, DOLBY, GDC.