Our products meets the requirements of:

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC, transposed into national law by  H.G. 457/18.04.2003, H.G. 962/22.08.2007, H.G. 1302/28.10.2009, Order of Ministry of Economy and Trade  384/22.06.2004, Order of Ministry of Economy and Finance 1310/21.09.2007;
  • Directive (EMC) 2004/108/EC - Electromagnetic Compatibility, transposed into national law by H.G. 57/2015, Order of Ministry of Economy and Trade 381/21.06.2004 and Order of Ministry of Communication and  Technological Information 1620/11.10.2004.

On all our products you can find a CE marking. Marking the products with this sign, we declare that our products meet the European requirements.